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Date Night

A unique way to make a special night unforgettable.

During your intimate class you will learn the basic steps in making one of the featured blown glass objects . Conrad will introduce you to the tools, equipment and all of your color options. He will demonstrate all needed skills. With his help, you will color shape and inflate the form with your own breath.  All of our date nights are private. 

Choose What to Make

Date nights are private and include a pair of Pumpkins,  Bowls, Dinking Glasses or Oil lamps. Prices start at $600 per couple.

Conrad's Private

Garden Location

comes with all the charms and character of working at the Olde Naples beach house studio where Conrad creates his own work. Immersed in lush tropical plants and orchids. you will spend an evening in the life of a Florida artist.

- By Appointment ONLY

"The Setting Was Absolutely Perfect, Romantic, Intimate"


Why Gift a Date Night ?

1. The Anticipation 

Have something to look forward to long after the excitement of your occasion has past. 

2.The Social Connection

Experience gifts bond us with people and that substantially adds to our happiness. 

3. We get tired of things, But Cherish our Memories

Humans are subject to something called the "hedonic treadmill," which basically means that we get rapidly used to new pleasurable things in our environment. 

4. They Are Unique & Stand Out As Meaningful

Gift experiences are super unique. That helps them stand out from the crowd and be more meaningful! 

5.Learning Something New

Offer a unique chance to surprise someone with something they’ve dreamed about doing.

6.Perfect For People Who Are Hard To Shop For

We all know someone who’s just impossible to buy presents for!  Give an opportunity to tackle something on the bucket list.


Please respect that no drop-ins are allowed at the private studio. This activity is by appointment only, as the studio located at the artist's residence. 


Note that all glass takes overnight to cool and can be picked up the following day or shipped.


A 50% deposit is required for all lessons. The deposit is refundable if lessons are cancelled or rescheduled with 48 hours notice. Please be punctual. Arriving 15 min late or more, will be considered a no-show and will forfeit your deposit.


Classes are appropriate for ages 6 and up.

Date Nights are Private.

Please dress casually ( as though you were headed to a picnic ). Close toed shoes are preferred, but not required.


Gift Cards are non-refundable. 

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